At one time or another, we’ve all experienced some type of misfortune during a crucial time in our lives- no matter how large or small. For me, it was when I was fifteen and Hurricane Katrina wrecked my home, school, and community in southern Mississippi. It’s a time when we don’t know what to do or where to turn, and I know that when someone took the time to donate or help my family or community, I was overwhelmed by their generosity. Why would they care about helping me?

When I first learned about the Student Emergency Fund at Clemson, I had no idea that some of my fellow students were in such dire situations as not having any money for food. I also had no idea that there was a fund like this one that can help students who have lost everything in a fire, or students who learn of a parent’s sickness or death, but have no money to get home. Those are exactly the kind of people and situations that the Student Emergency Fund helps- which is clearly a great need on our campus. Why would we not want to help members of our Clemson family who have come upon such misfortunes? I know first hand how much generosity during such a crucial time can make a difference, and I want to make it possible for us to help all of our fellow Tigers in need.
— Kathleen McKissack

The Student Emergency Fund is a great way for the University to provide support for students who are experiencing critical situations. It is a reflection of the Clemson Family that stands with you in times of need. Through the continued generosity of so many, this Emergency Fund has been established and sustained.

- Rusty Guill, Special Assistant to the VP of Student Affairs


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